A wonderful monologue from a glass water bottle

- Oct 14, 2019-

A wonderful monologue from a glass water bottle

I am an ordinary transparent glass water bottle. I have many brothers and sisters. They are called thermos bottles, plastic water bottles, ceramic cups, stainless steel cups and so on.


I have a little inferiority complex because I am naked. I am not like my brothers and sisters, they may have gorgeous packaging, may have a cool appearance; I am just me, a slippery ordinary glass water bottle; and my ordinary, may determine that my value is not as high as they are.


Sometimes, when I see that the host wants to drink water, I meditate for countless times, choose me, choose me... However, it is a dream after all.


I always wonder, what's the reason I can't get the favor of my master?

Is it because I'm too hot after I'm filled with hot water?

Is it because when I am filled with ice water, the surface becomes damp and uncomfortable?

Is it because I'm too heat-dissipating, and soon the water will cool down?

Is it because I am too fragile to crush my bones at any time?



Finally, I decided to go out to the outside world to look for treasures that could play a role in my existence. I have traveled all over the river, north and south, and all over the mountains and snow. I finally found it. Something I can call my dress.


With it, super water resistance, the owner can no longer wet hands; With it, the owner can no longer worry about the temperature of the water because of its super-long thermal insulation. With it, the proper heat insulation, the owner can no longer worry about hot hands; With it, the appropriate anti-vibration, the owner can no longer worry about my fragile body.


So I took this artifact and set out on my way home. When I appeared in my original residence in yellow clothes, I could see the owner's eyes shining. At last, his hand reached out to me; at last, I was loved by my master. I brought me back beautiful clothes and gave them to my brothers and sisters, all kinds of size, all kinds of patterns, so that they can also play a better value.