Anti-mildew and Antibacterial Scheme for Water Cup.

- Aug 12, 2019-

Anti-mildew and Antibacterial Scheme for Water Cup.

Bacteria do not grow in the cup itself because of the use of antimicrobial agents. When the cup contacts with the mouth, special attention should be paid to the hygiene to avoid bacterial growth. In addition to the usual cleaning of the cup, the cup itself should also be treated with antimicrobial agents.

1. Reasons for Bacteria in Water Cup. In fact, water cups are not easy to breed bacteria, after all, they do not have the nutritional ingredients needed for bacterial reproduction and growth, but after many times filling water, the cup wall will inevitably be stained with dirt or other organic substances. After a long period of storage, the bacteria in the water cup will begin to grow.


2. Breeding Bacteria and Harm. Easy to breed bacteria have common Escherichia coli, the harm is easy to make the cup of water taste bad, easy to have diarrhea after drinking, endangering human health.


3. Antibacterial program. Consumers can regularly wash the cup with boiling water, killing the remaining bacteria in the cup; In the manufacturer's cup, a certain proportion of antimicrobial agents can be added to the raw materials of the cup, so that the cup itself has antimicrobial function and completely inhibits the growth of bacteria.