Application of liquid silicone in infant products

- Apr 29, 2019-

Application of liquid silicone in infant products

Due to the safety and biocompatibility of liquid silicone, it is superior to other elastic materials. Therefore, the use of liquid silicone (LSR) and liquid silicone forming process (LIM Molding) in infants and medical treatment has attracted more and more attention of the industry and scholars. No matter the manufacturer of raw materials or the manufacturer of infant products, the selection of raw materials for infant products has been studied in depth.


Because baby products such as pacifiers, bottles, thermos pipes, suction nozzles and so on often come into direct contact with the mouth, the selection of raw materials for baby products must meet the following requirements:

1. The raw materials of baby articles must be highly safe and meet the requirements of food grade.

2. Because the resistance of infants and young children is not as good as that of adults, the development of oral, hand and skin tissues and organs is relatively immature, so the raw materials for the production of infant products must have high biocompatibility and can not appear allergic reactions.


3. The raw materials of infant products must have good physical stability. Infant articles are often boiled and disinfected, or washed with detergents, and long-term milk or dispensing. Therefore, their physical and chemical properties require that they should be well tolerated after long-term exposure to temperature changes, food and drug contacts, chemicals such as alcohol and detergents.

4. Baby products require transparency to ensure a beautiful appearance, and babies like to bite with their mouth, so the raw materials are required to have better tear strength and transparency.

5. Baby products in both foreign and domestic have relatively high quality requirements and industry certification requirements. Especially for products exported to European and American countries, there are many certification requirements. Therefore, raw materials must be tested or certified by FDA, LFGB/ISO10993 and USP CLASS.