Application of PC Transparent Processing Products

- May 14, 2019-

In daily life, some transparent household goods will often appear around us, such as water bottles.

Water bottles appear in our sight every day, because drinking water is indispensable in life, and drinking water needs water bottles. Drinking more water helps the brain respond faster, according to a study. The efficient operation of the brain requires a lot of oxygen. Oxygen-rich water can stimulate brain activity, sharpen the mind and enhance concentration.


Now most of the water bottles in the market are made of glass, but there are transparent PC water bottles in the market. Perhaps you are curious about what the "PC water bottle" is. In fact, PC is a transparent plastic material. Because of its excellent mechanical properties, toughness and rigidity, and good transparency, PC water cups, drinking buckets, lenses and lampshades are used to make transparent PC water bottles, baby bottles, and so on.


In fact, besides PC transparent products used in daily life, in industry, many transparent products have begun to use PC materials. PC materials can be used as various signs, such as gasoline pump dial, automobile dashboard, shelf and open-air commercial signs, point sliding indicators, PC resin used in automobile lighting system, dashboard system and interior decoration system, used as headlampshade, front and rear gears of automobiles with reinforcing ribs. Plate, reflective mirror frame, door frame sleeve, operating rod sheath, choke plate. But generally smaller PC transparent products are made by injection moulding. But there are also many transparent PC products. Because of the small amount of use in the early stage, they will make transparent PC products of different shapes by means of PC plate suction processing or PC plate blowing processing and bending, sculpture and drilling.


All kinds of transparent PC products have been gradually integrated into our lives, you may not know, but it can not be denied that the use of this material has replaced many of the materials we have known before. And this material is PC. The full name is polycarbonate.