Are glass water bottles better than stainless steel?

- Aug 20, 2020-

Glass water bottles are a little healthier than stainless steel water bottles. Glass is not only transparent and good-looking, but in all materials, glass is the most healthy and safe. Glass is made of inorganic silicate. There are no organic chemicals in the process of firing. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the wall of the glass. Therefore, it is the healthiest and safest for people to drink water with glass water bottle.

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The advantage of stainless steel water bottle is strong and durable, anti rust and anti-corrosion, but stainless steel will corrode with heavy metal residues. Stainless steel is alloy products, according to the use of different trace metal elements are also different, common are nickel, chromium, carbon, manganese, silicon, aluminum and so on.

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However, from another point of view, the iron element in stainless steel water bottle is beneficial to human body, and iron element is the metal element that human body must take in everyday. This is why the cooking pot should be made of iron, which is the same reason. But the quality and quality of stainless steel water bottles vary. I can't guarantee that the stainless steel water bottles you use are of high quality. Stainless steel water bottle belongs to alloy products. Improper use of stainless steel water bottle will release the heavy metal contained in it, which is harmful to health. In daily use, try not to use stainless steel water bottle for acidic drinks, such as juice, coffee, carbonated drinks, etc.

So, to sum up, glass water bottles are better than stainless steel.