Basic things about using a children's kettle

- Nov 26, 2018-

1, high temperature boiling water, children's pot is best not to wear boiling or high temperature liquid, in case of scalding children

2, soy milk, because soy milk is high-protein and highly nutritious substances, happens to be the insulation effect of children's pots, so that the temperature in the pot is not high and not low is the most suitable for bacterial reproduction, so soy milk placed in the children's pot more than half a day will deteriorate, not easy to drink. 3, carbonated beverages, milk and dairy products, because carbonated beverages, milk and dairy products are acidic, acidic substances on stainless steel will react, resulting in the deterioration of beverages, stainless steel will be susceptible to oxidation and rust. This situation is also affected by the insulation cup factory steel material, good stainless steel, oxidation situation is less, poor stainless steel easy to oxidize. Then carbonated drinks would have been something with a vapor body, the permeability is relatively strong. And the children's pot used to prevent leakage is a plastic body called rubber ring, if used in children's pot for carbonated drinks, it is easy to appear leakage situation.

When subjected to bumps, the vapor produces bubbles again, and this vapor-body moisture spill will be more serious. 4, tea, coffee, milk tea with a Thermos cup can be (only as ordinary containers), or do short-term insulation, if the insulation for a long time, so tea, coffee, milk tea and other taste will become not very good to drink the second glass insulation cup inside the surface of the tank has a metal coating, some of the ingredients in the tea will be with the In order to produce a variety of trace chemical composition, some of the long-term intake of substances may be harmful to the human body. Then because tea contains a variety of vitamins and aromatic substances, in high temperature and constant temperature will be greatly reduced, bubble out of the tea taste is also too astringent.

Tea can not be used to open the water, or the tea in the filter bubble, otherwise the tea rich vitamins and minerals will be lost.