Can plastic water bottles be used until they are broken? The answer is amazing.

- Mar 08, 2019-

Can plastic water bottles be used until they are broken? The answer is amazing.

Nearly 30% of plastic lunch boxes heated in microwave ovens release plasticizers, according to a survey released by the Consumer Council of Hong Kong. This also means that plastic containers have a shelf life and will age after expiration. In addition, heavy metal antimony, a carcinogen, was previously exposed in plastic water bottles made of PET, which is currently the most widely used package in drinks. "Even if the product meets the standard, overtime use may increase the potential risk of antimony to human body." Experts said.


How long do most people use plastic water bottles?

Recently, we interviewed more than 20 citizens randomly, none of whom could tell the shelf life of plastic water bottles. In the survey, it is common to use food-grade plastic water bottles for three or four years or more. "I've only heard of marking the date of production, but I've never heard of the shelf life." During the visit, some plastic vendors showed reporters several products, no matter water bottles or basins, there was no shelf life. Subsequently, according to the contact information on a plastic water bottle, the reporter contacted the manufacturer and the staff answered that at present, the state only requires marking materials, uses, production dates, matters needing attention, and there is no guarantee period.

In shopping places such as supermarkets in urban areas, when reporters asked how long plastic water bottles could be used, most of the guides responded: "If the water bottle is damaged or old, replace it, and continue to use it before it is broken. We really don't know how long it will last."


Frequently used plastic water bottles are recommended to be replaced every two years. How long is the shelf life of a plastic water bottles? Experts said that the use of plastic water bottles and cleaning methods are different, which has a certain impact on the "life" of plastic water bottles. Although there is no explicit stipulation on the plastic shelf life at present, there is a general statement in the industry that the shelf life of most plastic water bottles is between three and five years.

Experts suggest that food-grade plastic water bottles s in life should be changed every two years. After a period of time, it depends on whether they have discoloration, brittleness, concave and convex interior. If so, they should be replaced in time.