Can PP plastic water bottle and plastic cup hold boiled water?

- Oct 21, 2019-

Can PP plastic water bottle and plastic cup hold boiled water?

PP plastic (polypropylene) is another excellent resin developed after nylon. It is a kind of high-density, side chain free, high crystallized linear polymer with excellent comprehensive properties. It is white, translucent and waxy when not colored; lighter than polyethylene. Transparency is also better than polyethylene, harder than polyethylene.


Experts suggest using stainless steel insulated cup, glass cup or ceramic cup to drink water at ordinary times, which is more conducive to healthy drinking water; however, it is strongly opposed to using plastic cup or plastic water bottle to hold boiling water or make tea, such as bisphenol A, which will be released in the high temperature above 100 . However, experts also pointed out that if the cup or water bottle is made of PP plastic, it is non-toxic, because the processing temperature of PP plastic at the time of manufacture () is 180-240, so boiling water will not decompose it. PP particles are natural and cylindrical particles, with bright and clean particles. The size of particles is 2mm-5mm in any direction. They are odorless, non-toxic and free of mechanical impurities, which will not cause harm to human body.


Is it harmful to drink water with plastic cup or plastic water bottle for a long time?

1. Some chemicals will be separated out after the plastic cup or plastic water bottle is heated. Although the surface of the plastic looks smooth, there are actually many gaps, which are easy to hide dirt and scale. But in the office, people only wash the cup with water, and the cup can't be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly.

2. The plastic cup and plastic water bottle is easy to grow bacteria. Plastic cup and plastic water bottle will absorb more dust and bacteria due to the influence of static electricity such as computer and case, for a long time will affect health.

Experts suggest that stainless steel cups or glass cups should be used in the office. They should be cleaned every day. It is better to use detergent and wash with hot water. We also need to provide a cover for the cup and keep it away from computers and other electrical appliances. At ordinary times, we should keep indoor air circulation, open windows for ventilation and let the dust go with the wind.