Can the PP water bottle hold boiling water?

- Feb 18, 2019-

PP plastics (polypropylene) is another excellent resin variety developed after nylon. It is a linear polymer with high density, no side chain and high crystallization, and has excellent comprehensive properties. It is white translucent and waxy when not colored; lighter than polyethylene. Transparency is also better than polyethylene, rigid than polyethylene.


Can the PP water bottle hold boiling water?

Experts suggest that it is better to drink water in stainless steel insulating cups, glass or ceramic cups, which is more conducive to healthy drinking water; however, they strongly to boiling water or making tea in a plastic water bottle, such as BPA, which will release in high temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius.


However, experts also pointed out that if the water bottle is made of PP plastic, it is non-toxic, because the processing temperature of PP plastic is 180 - 240 degrees Celsius, so boiling water will not decompose it.