Character is like a cup

- Aug 05, 2019-

Epicurus was a famous philosopher in ancient Greece. One day, three young people came to him together and said, "The three of us have the same thing in mind. That is, nobody wants to make friends with us. What's the matter?"

"Can you talk about other people's shortcomings?" Asked Epicurus.

The first man pointed at the second man and said, "He is a very stubborn man who never listens to anybody's advice."

The second man nodded: "He's right. But he's a man without secrets, so people don't want to share secrets with him. People who want to make rumors like to use him as a microphone.

After that, he pointed to the third person and said, "His suspicion is too heavy, no matter what others tell him, he will feel that others are deceiving him."

Epicurus listened, thought, and found three cups on the table. The first cup is clean and complete, but the mouth of the cup is down; the second one is also clean, and the mouth of the cup is up, but there is a hole in the bottom of the cup; the third one is very complete, and the mouth of the cup is up, but there is a lot of dust in the cup.

After setting it up, Epicurus said to the three young people, "Stubborn character is like the first cup, which is good everywhere. Unfortunately, when the cup is facing down, others can't pour water; people who can't keep secrets are like this cup with holes, water will leak out as soon as it pours in; and doubtful character is like the third cup, no matter how clean it is. Water, as long as it is poured in, will become dirty water. It seems that your personality leads you to have no friends."