Clean your glass water bottle thoroughly

- Dec 30, 2019-

Many people like to use this kind of glass water bottle to drink water, but it is very easy to get dirty.

So today I'll show you a way to clean your glass water bottle thoroughly.


Clean your glass water bottle thoroughly.

First, we prepare a small basin and put some water in it. Then add some salt. Then add a little white vinegar. Then we mix it up and let the salt dissolve fully. Finally, we put our glass water bottles in this water for two minutes, so that salt and white vinegar can play a role in sterilizing the cups.


Let's soak it like this for two minutes, then take it out, and prepare a little toothpaste. Let's spread the toothpaste on this glass water bottle, and then spread it evenly, inside and outside. Then let the glass water bottle stand for two minutes.

Two minutes later, we put the glass water bottle into the salt and white vinegar water we just had to soak for a second time, which has the effect of sterilization.

Let's wash the glass water bottle out. And wash the toothpaste off, so after washing it out, we can wash it with water twice.