common problems of thermos bottle

- Jan 18, 2020-

Concept of thermos bottle.

The thermos bottle is mainly a high vacuum heat breaking technology. The double-layer stainless steel structure is used in the bottle, and the air between the inner layer and outer layer of stainless steel is pumped out to achieve the vacuum state. There is a mirror function inside, which emits heat energy into the bottle to maintain the temperature inside the bottle.


Test the heat preservation performance.

The thermos bottle is vacuumized by double-layer stainless steel, so the heat in the thermos bottle is almost not lost from the cup body (the vacuum layer insulates the medium of heat conduction, and anyone who knows some physical knowledge should be able to understand it). Most of the heat is gradually lost from the cup cover, so the slight heat in the cup cover is normal.


First of all, you need to ask whether the body of the thermos bottle is hot after pouring the boiling hot water into it? If the thermos bottle is hot, there is a problem. Contact the seller directly for after-sales treatment.


How to clean the thermos bottle after receiving it?

After receiving the thermos bottle, it can be poured into the boiling water to sterilize for 5 minutes, and the cup cover can also be separately put into the container with boiling water to sterilize, but do not put the whole thermos bottle into the hot water to sterilize or even put it into the pot to boil, so that the operation will damage the leakage proof silicon rubber ring, and damage the spray paint of the thermos bottle body, resulting in the problem of paint falling in the later use.