Comparison between stainless steel vacuum thermos and aluminum water bottle

- May 28, 2020-

Comparison between stainless steel vacuum thermos and aluminum water bottle.

Before, aluminum water bottle has always been the mainstream of outdoor sports products, with the advantages of portability and strong impact resistance. But now, with the progress of the times and the development of the technology, the aluminum water bottle has been replaced by the high-quality food grade 304 stainless steel vacuum thermos. In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel vacuum thermos and aluminum water bottle are mainly shown in the following aspects:

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, safe and sanitary, very suitable for home, hotel, office and other scenes, and its metal strength is high, suitable for different surface treatment processes, simple and beautiful appearance. Besides, vacuum technology has been adopted in the current stainless steel vacuum thermoses, and the heat preservation time can be up to 12 hours.

The aluminum material is tough and light, and has strong ductility, which is very suitable for making water bottles for people's daily travel. Aluminum has a high surface adhesion, which is suitable for printing various colors and patterns, and more in line with the pursuit of beauty and the needs of modern people's personality. But recently, some scientists have found that aluminum damages the brain, heart, liver, kidney and other functions and immunity of human body. In 1989, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally determined that aluminum should be controlled for food pollution.

Finally, in order to let you drink healthily, we suggest that when you choose stainless steel vacuum thermoses, you'd better go to the regular supermarket to choose some well-known stainless steel vacuum thermos brands, or choose some glass, ceramics and other stable cup and pot products.

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