Correct usage of vacuum thermos

- Aug 04, 2020-

Correct usage of vacuum thermos:

1. Clean once a day. It is better to use natural methods such as baking soda to clean.

2. The vacuum thermos should not be put into the microwave oven, freezer or directly heated; it should not be put into the dishwasher for cleaning. The high temperature of the dishwasher may damage the insulation material of the vacuum thermos and the coating inside the bottle.

3. When not using the vacuum thermos, pour out the drink inside to keep it dry and avoid bacterial reproduction.

4. Do not fill the vacuum thermos with boiling hot water to avoid scalding yourself; fill the vacuum thermos with 7% water to avoid plastic aging or bacterial contamination caused by water touching the cap.

5. If there are scratches and damages on the inner wall of the stainless steel or coated cup, it is recommended to replace it; if the plastic or silica gel of the bottle cover has cracks or embrittlement, the accessories should be purchased from the original factory for replacement.

6. The smooth stainless steel plain color is preferred for the body of the vacuum thermos. If the color is too bright, the paint peeling off is not only unsightly, but also lead toxin may fall. Children should pay special attention to it when using it.

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