Correct use of plastic water bottle

- Dec 19, 2019-

Correct use of plastic water bottle.

Plastic water bottle is a common cup in our life, and it is also one of the kinds of water bottle we often use in our life. But, you know what? Plastic water bottles of different materials have different use methods. Using plastic water bottles by mistake will cause great harm to human health, even cancer risk. Therefore, we should know how to use plastic water bottles correctly!


It's estimated that many people have asked whether it's good to drink water with plastic water bottles. In fact, there's no problem in drinking water from any material cup. It depends on whether you can use it. Take the plastic water bottles made of PC and PP as an example. When we use these two materials, the right way to use them is to try not to use them to contain hot water, especially PC As we all know, PC plastic water bottle will release a kind of harmful substance called BPA when it is filled with hot water, which is very harmful to human health. Long term intake of BPA is likely to cause cancer risk to human body, so when we use these two kinds of plastic water bottles, try to use them to contain cold water or normal temperature water!


In addition to the above two plastic water bottles, there is a special plastic water bottle, that is, tritan plastic water bottle. In terms of safety, tritan plastic water bottle can be said to be the only one comparable to glass cup. Even when it is filled with boiled water, it will not release any substances harmful to human body. Moreover, tritan material has been used as a special material for infant products in developed countries such as Europe and America, so we can use it safely. Even so, tritan material still has a small disadvantage, that is, its temperature resistance is about - 10 ~ 96 , too high temperature will lead to the deformation of tritan material water bottle, so the correct way to use tritan material water bottle is not to use it to hold too high temperature water!