Damage of Bisphenol A to Babies

- Jun 05, 2019-

Bisphenol A is a health hazard, especially for children, which has been debated for a long time. Bisphenol A may play an estrogen-like role in the body, disrupting the body's metabolic process. Animal experiments have shown that BPA may be associated with breast, prostate and reproductive diseases, and may also induce some cancers. An experiment in monkeys at Yale University Medical College found that BPA was associated with brain dysfunction and emotional disorders in monkeys.


Baby bottles may have some BPA residues that are not fully polymerized during the manufacturing process, but because they are encapsulated in the inner layer of the bottle wall, it is not easy to leach into the food or water in the first place. However, as time goes on, the inner layer of the bottle wall gradually exposes, and the possibility of BPA dissolution will be improved a lot.


We recommend that parents avoid using PC food containers or bottles as much as possible, do not heat food in plastic bottles or containers, do not keep milk in plastic bottles for long periods, do not clean plastic baby bottles or containers with high-efficiency cleaners or hot water, and throw away old plastic bottles with scratches or fog.


Therefore, it is recommended to use Diller baby bottle. The raw materials of the product are advanced PP, PPSU, food-grade silicone, high borosilicate glass and other raw materials, which do not contain BPA. The product meets the European CE standard and the American FDA standard and has passed the national QS certification, so that the mother can buy safely and use safely. The product quality, function and price have absolute competitive advantages, and cooperate sincerely with businesses all over the world to make the baby grow happily.