Development Source and Use Explanation of Thermos Bottle

- Apr 22, 2019-

Development Source and Use Explanation of Thermos Bottle

Vacuum cup is usually made of ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer as a container for holding water. It has a lid on the top and is tightly sealed. Vacuum insulation layer can slow down the heat dissipation of liquid such as water inside, so as to achieve the purpose of thermal insulation.

The thermos cup is developed from the thermos bottle. The thermos principle is the same as the thermos bottle, but people make the thermos cup for convenience.


There are three ways of heat transfer: radiation, convection and transmission. The silver cup gall in the vacuum water bottle can reflect the radiation of hot water. The vacuum of the cup gall and the cup body can block the heat transfer, but the bottle which is not easy to transfer the heat can prevent the heat convection. The principle of magnetized water is also applied to the thermos flask, in which magnets are added to the bottom and cap of the bottle to make the water magnetized.

1.Before the new vacuum water bottle is used, it must be sterilized by boiling water at high temperature.

2. Before the vacuum water bottle use, preheat (or pre-cool) with boiling water (or cold water) for 5-10 minutes to improve the insulation effect.

3. Do not overfill the water in order to avoid overflowing boiling water and scalding.

4.It is not suitable to keep carbonated drinks such as milk and fruit juice for a long time.

5. After drinking, please tighten the lid to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

6. Cleaning should be done with soft cloth and warm water diluted food detergent.

7. The inner side of stainless steel vacuum water bottle sometimes produces some red rust spots due to the influence of iron and other substances in the contents. It can be soaked in diluted vinegar with warm water for 30 minutes and then cleaned thoroughly.

8. In order to prevent odor or stain, after use, please clean and dry it thoroughly.