Diller vacuum insulated bottle that everybody's using

- Jul 23, 2020-

Although it is summer, the melon is big and sweet recently. Of course, society has not been simple, the earth has been changing. The human world is too complex, and the life of animals is not easy. A few days ago, I saw a group of disturbing photos. A large number of marine creatures ate plastic products discarded by human beings by mistake, and their intestines and stomachs were rotten. It was very painful. The drink cup you drank 10 years ago, the juice box you left 5 years ago, the mineral water bottle you drank yesterday A few minutes later, as soon as you throw them away, they disappear from your hands. It's just that, to this day, they haven't disappeared from the earth. Our lives are being surrounded by plastic.

8779-blue vacuum insulated bottle

So there are alternatives to drinking water. For example, bring your own water bottle. I recommend DILLER vacuum insulated bottle, which is famous for environmental protection. Let's feel its attitude together.

The vacuum insulated bottle integrates many elements such as fashion, colorful, young, cool and so on, which perfectly combines the sense of fashion and functionality. It is a vacuum insulated bottle specially designed for fashion sportsmen. The slim bottle neck formed by the natural transition of bottle body shape is conducive to fit the hand shape and is easy to master. Create a visual and grip on the dual comfort.

8779-detail02 vacuum insulated bottle

As a fashionable sports vacuum insulated bottle, if you drink water from your sweaty hands during outdoor sports, the bottle will fall easily. In view of this situation, the surface layer of Diller vacuum insulated bottle is treated with fine sanding and plastic spraying, so that the fine texture increases the friction of bottle body and prevents hand sliding due to sweating. Moreover, Diller's laser logo depicts every little detail of the brand.

Effective leak proof lid. Men like to carry the vacuum insulated bottle on the outside of the backpack, but for girls, they often need to put the vacuum insulated bottle, mobile phone and camera in a handbag. A little water leakage at this time may cause damage to electronic products. So, the bottle cover design of Diller vacuum insulated bottle is popular. The outer layer of the bottle cover is made of stainless steel, which has good quality and effect. The most important thing is that the inner layer of the bottle cover is made of food grade PP material. The plastic decorative ring formed naturally in the shape can effectively enrich the details of the bottle cover and add highlights to the whole. Moreover, the silicone gasket enhances the sealing performance of the vacuum insulated bottle and effectively prevents leakage.

Diller's vacuum insulated bottle has a capacity of 650ml, which meets the needs of most people for the capacity of water bottle, and will not increase the travel burden. The most important liner is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, double vacuum, long-term heat preservation and cold insulation.

8779 vacuum insulated bottle detail05