Do you really know how to choose a water bottle?

- Jul 04, 2019-

What kind of cup and water bottle is healthier for drinking water?

Why does my cup and water bottle smell bad when it's used for a long time?

Is it really poisonous to drink the wrong cup or water bottle?

The selection of cups and water bottles is fastidious, but they do not easily exude harmful substances.


Glass cup / glass water bottle.

From a safety point of view, glass cup and glass water bottle may be the best choice. It basically does not leak harmful substances, water at different temperatures can be filled. In addition, the glass cup and glass water bottle is slippery and easy to wash; it has a high face value and a sense of ritual when you take it for a drink. However, glass cup and glass water bottle also has its shortcomings: fragile, accidentally broken into slag.


Food grade stainless steel cup / water bottle.

Better stainless steel cups and stainless steel water bottle will use food grade stainless steel (such as 304 steel), even in the standard test with a fairly strong acid, immersion for a long time, which leaks out of chromium, manganese and other metals can be negligible. We usually only use it to fill water, tea, coffee, fruit juice and so on, which is much milder than the test conditions. There is no need to worry about "leaking harmful metals".


Plastic cup / plastic water bottle

There are many kinds of plastic cups and plastic water bottles, good and bad are mixed. Here we recommend a simple and crude selection method: Mark "microwave heating". It is safe and can be used. If it is not marked, it should be used conservatively. Don't hold water too long, especially acidic drinks and hot water. In addition, if the plastic cup or the plastic water bottle is not cleaned, it is easier to breed bacteria.