Double wall glass water bottles with heat insulation and anti-scalding

- Sep 19, 2019-

Double wall glass water bottles with heat insulation and anti-scalding

Glass water bottle / cup can be divided into single-layer glass water bottle, double-layer glass water bottle, crystal glass water bottle, office glass water bottle, glass mouth water bottle, etc. Double wall glass water bottles, as its name implies, are divided into two layers when they are made, which can be used as heat insulation and anti-scalding.


The raw material of double-layer glass cup / water bottle is high borosilicate glass and food-grade glass. It is fired at high temperature of more than 600 degrees. Usually it is made of high borosilicate glass tube. The inside and outside tubes are baked by technicians under the sealing machine. It is a new type of environmental protection cup / water bottle, and it is more and more popular.

 double wall glass cup water bottle

From the style, it can be divided into mouth cup and office cup (with handle).

From the material, the cup tube used is ordinary glass tube and crystal glass tube.

From the production technology, there are two layers with tail and two layers without tail. There is a small drop in the bottom of the glass with tail. The glass without tail is flat and has no spare points.

From the cup mouth, there are standard cup mouth, high-mouth glass (filter deeper, more reasonable design, drinking water will not touch the filter).

As a new product in the cup, double-decked glass has become the best tea set for drinking tea, especially for brewing all kinds of famous tea. The tea set is crystal clear, not only suitable for viewing, but also has the best effect for brewing tea. At the same time, glasses are cheap and good in quality, and are welcomed by consumers.