Drink water, did you choose the right cup?

- May 17, 2019-

For office workers, it's normal to have a glass of water on a computer desk. However, this seemingly subtle thing, in fact, is very fastidious.


It is understood that plastic cups, which are commonly used in daily life, are lightweight, fall-resistant and easy to carry. However, some inferior plastic cups contain plasticizers with many chemicals. When encountering high temperature water, they are prone to chemical reactions. Toxic substances may dilute and dissolve in water. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to drink boiled water in plastic cups. Of course, some cups that strictly comply with international standards are acceptable.


The disposable cup is easy to use and looks sanitary. However, its hygienic standards and product qualification rate are difficult to guarantee. And it's hard to know if there will be any other reactions in disposable plastic cups or paper cups when boiling water is encountered.


Metal cups are generally relatively stable and can be selected. However, when acidic beverages such as orange juice and coffee are filled, chemical reactions may occur, so there is still a certain risk.


Glass cups, easy to clean, and not easy to breed bacteria, but it should be noted that the thermal conductivity of the glass is too strong, the hands will be easily scalded when the glass cup filled with hot water, and sometimes too high temperature will make the glass burst, drinking water should be careful.


Ceramic cup, high temperature resistance, easy to clean, healthy and environmentally friendly, used for drinking water is a good choice.