Empty and full glass water bottles

- Sep 09, 2019-

The teacher put a glass water bottle on the platform and asked us, "What's in this glass water bottle?"

We saw an empty glass water bottle, and we answered, "There's nothing in it."

The teacher continued to ask, "Is it true that nothing is loaded?"

Again, we're sure there's nothing in the glass water bottle.

The teacher said, "Classmates, but you are wrong. This glass water bottle is full of air."


“In our habitual thinking, we only see the tangible substances in the glass water bottle, but not the invisible and indispensable things such as air in the glass water bottle. A water bottle can contain tangible substances or intangible and precious things, such as air, such as sunshine, which are sometimes more precious than tangible substances," the teacher said. “In fact, life is also a water bottle, it can contain tangible substances, such as money and wealth, can also contain such valuable and intangible things as air, such as spirit and pursuit. Therefore, when material is scarce, we should firmly believe that the water bottle of life can also be filled with love, happiness, ideals and hope; we should see that the water bottle of our life is still full of a bottle!”