Evaluation of insulation cup

- Nov 26, 2018-

Appearance glossy and odorless, injected with boiling water, holding the heat-free thermos cup can be called a good cup. And the inside and outside are stainless steel, refined from advanced vacuum technology, elegant shape, seamless inner gall, good sealing performance, with good insulation performance. Can be placed ice cubes, can also be radiated drink.

At the same time, functional innovation and detailed design, but also make the new insulation cup more connotation and practicality. Versatile "one Cup multi-use" has become a popular practice in the new Thermos Cup. Almost every Thermos Cup has its own distinctive characteristics, some of the double cover design, when driving as long as the middle of the red small key, the water will automatically flow out, and will not splash in the car; some in the middle of the Thermos Cup design has a tea septum design, tea and tea can be quickly filtered, very suitable for the office of Small white-collar use , there are double cup design, the bottom box cover also has tea, sugar, coffee dark lattice, and the use of stainless steel double-layer production of vacuum tank, not only can be filled with boiling water, but also can hold ice, some cup body also has stew function, the least function of the Thermos Cup also has at least 2 functions,

And the most versatile insulation cup with 4~5 type of function, whether it is to travel or home use are very convenient.