Exercise in winter, bring your thermos

- Nov 14, 2019-

When you have played a basketball game, when you have run on the treadmill of the gym for dozens of minutes, you will definitely sweat a lot. At this time, it is very necessary to drink water, not only to quench thirst and replenish water, but also to eliminate fatigue. Many young people like to drink a variety of drinks, but there are also many people who say they still don't quench their thirst after drinking a lot of drinks, sometimes they feel thirsty even more. In fact, it is very learned to add water after exercise.

Experts suggest that you'd better take a thermos with you when you go to sports. Drink the right water to maintain the balance of body fluids, to ensure the health of athletes. Drink 500ml of water 2 hours before exercise, so as to ensure enough water can be discharged from the body during exercise. When exercising, if it's more than an hour, it's recommended to drink light salt water. Each litre of water contains about 0.11g of salt, and the water temperature is controlled between 15-22 . At this time, the thermos comes into use. We can make light salt water in proportion in advance. Even if we don't feel thirsty, we can exercise for 20 minutes and drink a few mouthfuls to balance the loss of sweat.

This thermos from Diller is very suitable for outdoor and indoor sports.

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