Experience Sharing in Choosing Thermos Bottle

- Feb 22, 2019-

Difficulty in choosing is a common symptom of many people nowadays. It manifests itself in hesitation and entanglement. In fact, in the final analysis, it lacks a good indicator of suggestions. Obviously, choosing the thermos bottle is also one of the things that people who have difficulty in choosing. Rest assured, this article is to end this kind of entanglement. How to choose a good thermos water bottle, read this article is enough.


1.Look at the appearance and feel.

For example, business bullet gift thermos water bottle, classic bullet type, smooth straight body, perfect pearlescent paint surface, give people a sense of atmospheric fashion; with portable rope, easy to carry; just right cylindrical bottle body design, give people a comfortable grip; fresh color, beautiful fashionable appearance.


2. Material and heat preservation performance.

The material of thermos water bottle depends on two aspects: stainless steel material and plastic material.

For example: High-end men's business straight-body tea thermos water bottle, using medical grade 304 stainless steel inner liner and medical grade 304 stainless steel tea filter, anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion, to protect your health; sealing ring using high-quality food-grade silicone; 12-24 hours of long-term thermal insulation, winter thermal insulation, summer cold insulation, to meet all your needs in all seasons.


3.The process of the thermos water bottle.

The process of the thermos water bottle involves the body, bottom and inner liner of the cup.

For example: Large-capacity thermos water bottle outdoor sports bottle, light-weight bottle body, designed for outdoor sports, does not bring a little cumbersome to your outdoor sports, but brings you high-quality healthy water after sports; Thicker cup bottom, wear-resistant and skid-proof, avoiding the embarrassment of wear and tear when you go out anywhere; 304 stainless steel seamless inner gallbladder, double-layer vacuum inner gallbladder, beautiful at the same time, also heat preservation.