Get to know you through a water cup

- Jul 12, 2019-

Get to know youthrough a water cup

I don't know when more and more people use water cups. When I was a kid, people who thought they were drinking hot water or tea with cups were often parents, teachers and adults, and now we use them. There are all kinds of cups, with insulation bottle, with glass cups. Girls prefer small, lovely and beautiful cups, while boys pay more attention to practical cups. Slowly, I learned to look at people on these lovely cups. A friend from other places occasionally asked me why many of you Beijing people have to take a cup wherever they go. It's so annoying. It seems that the price in Beijing is too high. Many people think that water is too expensive. I just laughed. People who use their cups for a long time must be sentimental. Drinking boiled water in a cup is a kind of indifferent mood, which is a kind of calm and open-minded feeling; brewing tea is a kind of taste. Life in a cup of water, suddenly realized that tea is also your mentor and friend, and other drinks are also helpful for us to enhance our spirits and face life happily. In fact, the little cup has no feelings, it will love it only when it is used. In winter, whether you are cold or cold, it will warm your hands. In summer, whether the weather is muggy or your heart is impetuous, it will also give you calm. Now the pace of the times is too fast, holding the cup has a calm attitude, which is also a kind of self-relaxation bar. Speaking of this, we have to say that people who don't need cups are often very simple, easy to pursue, concise and unwanted things do not want to be cumbersome, which is also a kind of frankness.