Glass water bottle give you a healthier life

- May 16, 2019-

1.Do not use disposable paper cups, just look sanitary, many manufacturers in order to make the cups look whiter, adding a large number of fluorescent whitening agents, once these substances enter the human body, will lead to cell mutation. Glass is recommended. Glass is the safest cup. It is recommended that you use Diller's glass water bottle, which is of good quality and cost-effective.

2. Metal cups are not safe. The metal elements in stainless steel cups and enamel cups are easy to dissolve in acidic environment, and are not safe for coffee, orange juice, etc.

3. 3. Plastic water bottles are easy to hide dirt. When used to hold hot water, toxic substances can easily enter the water.


Glass water bottle is the safest, no harmful coating, and no need to worry about the chemical composition produced by heating. It is easier to clean. Glass water bottles are made of inorganic silicates. There are no organic chemicals in the process of firing. There is no need to worry about drinking chemicals into the stomach. Moreover, glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and dirt are difficult to retain, so drinking water with glass water bottle can be said to be the healthiest and safest.

clear glass water drinking bottle