How do you use glass tea infuser bottle?

- Feb 18, 2021-

1. Structure.

The glass tea infuser bottle is mainly divided into two parts: bottle cover and tea storehouse.

 the structure of glass tea infuser bottle

2. Function.

The main function of tea storehouse is to store tea.

 the function of glass tea infuser bottle

3. Put in the tea.

Put the tea into the tea storehouse, pay attention not to too much, according to the water bottle storage to put the appropriate amount of tea.


4. Pour the water.

Pour 80 degree hot water into the glass tea infuser bottle. Pay attention to the water level to submerge the tea.


5. Put on the lid.

Screw the bottle cover onto the tea storehouse. Be sure to tighten it.


6. Rotate.

After tightening the bottle cover, turn the bottle upside down to make the bottle cover close to the table.

 how to use glass tea infuser bottle

7. Drinking.

After a period of time, gently shake the glass tea infuser bottle, rotate and put it in the right position, open the bottle cover, take out the tea storehouse and drink.

 MLH427-05 glass tea infuser bottle

You can also directly put the tea into the bottle, and then pour water into the bottle, cover it, and then pour the brewed tea into the tea storehouse for drinking, and use the tea storehouse as a cup.