How long can a stainless insulated water bottle keep warm?

- Dec 21, 2020-

There are many types of water bottles, but the most special one is the stainless insulated water bottle, because the stainless insulated water bottle has a unique heat preservation function, which is not available in other types of water bottles. Consumers will pay more attention to the heat preservation duration of stainless insulated water bottles when they purchase stainless insulated water bottles. How long is the general insulation time of stainless insulated water bottles? How long is it normal to keep warm?

8709 stainless insulated water bottle

Stainless insulated water bottle is different from ordinary thermos hot water bottle and vacuum stainless steel water bottle. The insulation time of stainless insulated water bottle is much longer than that of ordinary vacuum stainless steel water bottle, The holding time of ordinary vacuum stainless steel water bottle is usually about 4 ~ 8 hours, while that of stainless insulated water bottle can be more than 12 hours. Moreover, if the thermos bottle has been treated by special processes such as copper plating and tailless vacuum process, the corresponding holding time will be longer!

The heat preservation effect of the stainless insulated water bottle is not only closely related to the manufacturing process, but also closely related to its material. The thermal insulation effect of 201 material is not as good as that of 304 material. Therefore, we should pay attention to the material used when selecting the stainless insulated water bottle. When we use the stainless insulated water bottle, we must remember to maintain the heat preservation well, because only in this way, it will not shorten the service life of the thermos bottle!

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The most outstanding feature of Diller stainless insulated water bottle is its strong heat preservation effect. As a thermos water bottle, it is also the most attractive place for people to buy. Diller once did a test on the heat preservation performance. It poured 100 ℃ boiling water into the stainless insulated water bottle. After six hours, the water still had 73 ℃. It had such outstanding heat preservation effect because it used stainless steel double-layer high vacuum insulation technology, which could isolate the influence of the outside on the water temperature.


Precautions for using kids insulated bottle:

Children's thermos bottle is a kind of thermos bottle, and also one of children's drinking tools. Different from ordinary thermos bottle, kids insulated bottle is more suitable for children's groups whether in terms of appearance or in terms of capacity of ml. because it is used for children's groups, we need to know and pay attention to the matters needing attention when using kids insulated bottle!

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Kids insulated bottle is divided into straw and direct drink. We have mentioned the difference between straw and direct drinking. Although there are some subtle differences between them, they need to pay attention to the same matters. First of all, the control of water temperature is the first. When filling hot water into kids insulated bottle, parents must pay attention not to use kids insulated bottle to directly hold boiling water. The water should be cooled to the temperature of normal drinking water, and then put into the kids insulated bottle. In this way, children can be prevented from being scalded by hot water, and the bottle cap must be tightened to prevent hidden dangers caused by water leakage!

When the parents use the kids insulated bottle for children, it is necessary to control the temperature of the water, because the general holding time of the thermos bottle will be more than 6 hours. If the boiled water with high temperature is stored, the children will be prone to scald when drinking. It is also necessary to clean it in time every day!