How long can kids plastic PC water bottle be used?

- Mar 09, 2020-

How long can kids plastic PC water bottle be used?

Now many families use the drink bottles as utensils, the bottles will begin to degrade with the passage of time, and some harmful substances will be produced in this process. In fact, consumers are not safe in the process of re-use, and the beverage bottle also has a shelf life. After the shelf life, it may cause certain harm to people's health.


Is it harmful to put boiled water in PC water bottle?

The bottom number is 7. The water bottle is made of polycarbonate, i.e. PC. General PC plastic water bottle can withstand the temperature of - 30-140 , but this is the physical property of the material, just that this material will not crack and melt when used at this temperature. However, from the perspective of food safety, we can find that the higher the temperature is, the more BPA will be released from PC, and the faster the release rate is. So PC is a health threat because it releases BPA at high temperatures. BPA can lead to endocrine disorders, and may even cause cancer and metabolic disorders leading to obesity. Therefore, it is better not to use PC water bottle to fill hot water, let alone put it in microwave oven for heating.


How to choose kids water bottle?

In conclusion, when purchasing plastic water bottles, we can use the method of "looking, smelling, asking and touching" to identify the safety of plastic water bottles for meals.

"Looking". First, pay attention to the name of the commodity, so as to identify its use and scope of use. Do not use it indiscriminately, so as not to cause accidents. Second, check whether there is QS mark on the commodity label, which is the national standard certification for plastic products contacting with food. When observing the products, qualified commodities will never have problems such as poor light transmittance or spots, air mist, bubbles, etc.

"Smell", if there is strong plastic taste, it is proved that the container is not suitable for food preservation, or it may be unqualified or inferior products, and the qualified plastic products for food shall not have any peculiar smell.

"Ask", if the main function is to load food, you should pay special attention to understand the use of plastic products from the sales staff and whether they can be used for food preservation.

Finally, touch the plastic container carefully. If there is burr at the plastic opening, it belongs to unqualified product.


What material is good for kids water bottle?

1. Plastic water bottle. Plastic water bottles are used more in life, and there are many kinds of shapes, children will be more interested. In addition, the plastic water bottle is not easy to damage and is more durable. Therefore, many parents will choose plastic water bottles. But the plastic water bottle also has some disadvantages. If the plastic water bottle is used to hold hot water, some chemical reactions will occur when the plastic is exposed to high temperature, resulting in some harmful substances. These harmful substances will enter the child's body together with water. If they continue for a long time, the child's body will be damaged.

2. Glass water bottle. The better kids water bottle is made of glass, which is a transparent material and does not carry any harmful substances. If there is any stain on the water bottle, it can be seen clearly. In addition, the glass water bottle is easier to clean and disinfect. Glass has a strong thermal conductivity. If the water bottle is filled with hot water, children may be scalded. At present, many glass water bottles on the market will have a plastic insulation layer, which will not burn to children. But parents had better not put too hot water in the glass water bottle, because the glass water bottle may explode and crack.

3. Stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel is generally used in thermos water bottle or kettle, because stainless steel is very solid, not easy to damage, and the thermal conductivity is not strong, not only has no other material shortcomings, but also has its own advantages. Therefore, for parents, stainless steel water bottle is the best for children. Therefore, in winter, many people will prepare a thermos for children. However, as stainless steel contains some trace elements, it should also be used with great caution.