How Mother Chooses a Good Children Thermos Bottle

- Sep 04, 2019-

The baby's outing activities are increasing, and the one-year-old baby's mother thinks of her worries again. In winter, she wants to buy a children thermos bottle with a straw to facilitate the baby's drinking water outside. After a round of inquiries, she falls into a dilemma. A friend said that the thermos bottle is super easy to use and the baby can drink warm boiled water anytime and anywhere. B friend said the thermos bottle was expensive and unusable.


All along, there will be some controversial products in baby products, some people think it is necessary, some people think it is useless, children thermos bottle, especially straw thermos bottle is one of them. Below is a brief introduction to all aspects of children straw thermos bottles, hoping to help you.


What is a children straw thermos bottle ?

Thermos bottle is the bottle that can play the role of insulation, generally refers to the container of water made of stainless steel (or ceramics) and vacuum layer. The principle of heat preservation mainly includes three aspects: first, the vacuum interlayer of the cup body can prevent heat conduction; second, the cup inner coated with silver can prevent heat radiation; third, the cover on the top plays a sealing role.

Children thermos bottle is the special thermos bottle for children, which belongs to the product of market segmentation. Compared with ordinary thermos bottles, children thermos bottles are compact and light in size, interesting in appearance design, and humanized details are designed for children of different age groups, such as the children thermos bottles designed as straw lids, which are called children straw thermos bottles.


What is the concept of "cooling effect" in children thermos bottles?

Many mothers don't know what the legendary concept of "cooling cup" or "cooling effect" is. Simply speaking, it is the effect of keeping cold water temperature, but in practice, it is mainly related to the straw thermos bottle.

Generally speaking, thermos with straws are not suitable for boiling water over 50 C to avoid accidental scalding in use. A good cold-keeping water bottle is very convenient to use. It can keep warm water from 40 to 50 degrees centigrade for more than 6 hours. That is to say, the mother can directly inject warm boiling water into the thermos bottle, which can be directly brought to drink when the baby is out.


Stainless steel children thermos bottle liner is usually made of food grade 304 or 316 stainless steel. 316 stainless steel is more corrosion resistant and durable than 304 stainless steel.