How often do kids water bottles need to be replaced?

- Oct 07, 2020-

1. How often do kids water bottles need to be replaced?

Compared with ordinary plastic water bottle, kids water bottle has smaller capacity, higher safety, better sealing and leak proof performance, usually with straw. As we all know, plastic water bottle is more resistant to fall, and is not easy to damage, its service life is usually about 3-5 years, but kids water bottle should not be used for too long, because plastic water bottle is easy to breed bacteria, and naughty baby may bump the bottle, affecting the use, therefore, the replacement cycle of kids water bottle should not be too long.

Choose plastic water bottles with good performance such as PP and tritan materials, and try to replace them as soon as they are damaged or once a year. If it is a plastic water bottle, it needs to be replaced more frequently, and it is better to replace it once every 2-3 months, because the plastic kids water bottle can not avoid the problem of aging, and children can accelerate the aging process of plastic water bottle when using the bottle, so kids water bottles have to be replaced at least once a year.

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2. How to clean plastic water bottle for children?

Pay attention to the cleaning of kids water bottle, which has a great impact on children's health, so how to clean kids water bottle?

You can buy a special cleaning brush for bottle cleaning, with a slender brush with a brush on it, which can clean the straw of kids water bottle. When cleaning the bottle, first take off the straw on the bottle cover, and thoroughly clean the suction pipe and the water outlet on the bottle cover. Milk and other liquids are easy to retain and oxidize on the bottle, so some hidden corners of the bottle should be cleaned.

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3 How to choose the material of kids water bottle?

Choose plastic kids water bottle must be in line with national standards of edible plastic, do not covet small cheap buy inferior water bottle. It is recommended to buy PP or tritan plastic water bottle for children. It is safe, non-toxic and suitable for children.

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