How old can a baby use a water bottle?

- Feb 17, 2020-

Due to the young children's age, in order to let them drink water well, there is a water bottle specially designed for children. How old children can use the water bottle? Which material is better? Because there are many kinds of water bottles, parents need to know how to help their children choose water bottles scientifically.


What is a children's water bottle?

Children's water bottle is specially designed for children to be able to hold liquid containers, children can generally use children's water bottle to drink water or milk. In order to make the children more interested, the design of the water bottle will be very novel, and there will be a variety of attractive designs printed on the bottle. The kids water bottle is not very heavy, so the child can pick it up with one hand. The water glass has a large bottom, so it will be stable on the table. Children's water bottles are made of plastics, ceramics, glass and other materials. They are not only hard but also insoluble in water. They can hold many different kinds of liquids.


How old can a baby use a water bottle?

It's also a process for babies to learn to drink water from water bottles. Generally, when the child has been born for half a year, parents can teach the child how to use the water bottle, but generally use the training water bottle first. If the child is 15 months old, use a regular water bottle.


1. 0-3 months baby drinking equipment: bottle + nipple.

Baby bottles are necessary for babies just born. Even for those who drink breast milk, mothers need to prepare several bottles to feed their children with water. Because the children at this stage can't drink water by themselves and need the help of their mother, they can choose a bottle without a handle, but they have higher requirements for the touch of the pacifier.

Key points of purchase: pay attention to choose a more comfortable nipple at this time. The material of the nipple should be soft, the bottom should be larger, and the nipple should have the function of preventing flatulence. In addition, a bottle with a larger bottle diameter is better matched with a pacifier.


2. 3-6 months old baby's drinking water equipment: nipple baby bottle.

When a child is three to six months old, he can be trained to grasp and hold things with his hands. But at this stage, the child can only suck food, so the parents can use the bottle type training bottle for the child, and train him to send the bottle to the mouth accurately.

Key points of purchase: the bottle should be equipped with a handle, so that it is easier for the baby to grasp the bottle; it is better to choose a baby bottle with a scale, so that the mother can know how much water the baby has drunk. If you can, the best choice is a cross shaped nipple, which can also control the flow of water into the child.


3. 6-12 month old baby's drinking equipment: Duck beak training bottle.

According to experts, when a child is half a year old, he may as well let himself drink water with a bottle. If you want to make your child no longer rely on a pacifier and get used to drinking water with a water bottle, you need to use a duck beak training bottle for him. The mouth of the training bottle is designed like a duck's beak, which can make children drink more water at a time. It is very beneficial for children to use the bottle in the future.

Key points of purchase: because the training bottle used by the child before is a pacifier type, the child may still like the soft drink, so you need to pay attention to the purchase. In addition, choose a leakproof water bottle, so that even if the child can't hold the training bottle firmly, the water won't spill out all at once.


4. 12-18 months baby's drinking equipment: straw baby bottle

Parents are advised not to let their babies use this kind of training bottle too early, because children under one year old like to bite things, so they may break the straw on the water bottle, so there is a lot of crisis. Although the child is stronger after reaching the age of one, it can better judge the danger and the possibility of swallowing the straw is very small.

Key points of purchase: parents should choose the baby bottle with dust cover for their children, so that it is cleaner and healthier. The diameter of the straw should be larger. Because the straws are easy to break, we should buy more substitute straws. Even if no damage is found on the straw, pay attention to it. The frequency of replacing the straw for the water bottle must be consistent with the use frequency of the bottle. In this way, children can be prevented from biting off the straw and suffocation.