How to Choose a Good Glass Water Bottle

- Sep 06, 2019-

How to Choose a Good Glass Water Bottle

Glass does not contain organic chemicals, use glass water bottle to drink water without worrying about the chemical substances will be drunk into the stomach, and the glass water bottle is easy to clean; a beautiful water bottle will greatly enhance the desire to drink water, plastic water bottle although light, but not the best drinking bottle, when drinking water, especially water with relatively high temperature. The best choice is the glass water bottle. How to distinguish the material of a glass water bottle?


Workmanship. Usually, the glass water bottle made by good technology is of high quality; if there are impurities and bubbles in the glass water bottle, it will appear very rough, which will affect the beauty of the glass water bottle.


Crack. When choosing glass water bottle, we should pay attention to whether there are cracks inside and outside the glass water bottle. If there are cracks in the glass water bottle, it is easy to burst when meeting hot water, so we must observe carefully when choosing glass water bottle.


Smell. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the water bottle, the lighter the odor, some water bottles even if there is odor, rinse with boiling water, after use once or twice, the odor is gone, so do not worry very much;


Thickness. Observing the thickness of glass water bottle, as far as material and quality are concerned, try to select thicker glass water bottle, which can insulate the heat to a certain extent, and also resist falling and wear.


Material. There are many materials for making glass water bottles on the market, but high-end and exquisite glass water bottles are usually made of high borosilicate glass. This kind of glass water bottle has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance and fall resistance. It won't crack because of severe temperature difference, so we must pay attention to the material when choosing glass water bottles.


Size of bottle mouth. If the cup mouth is too big, it will leak out easily when drinking water, and the cup mouth is too small to clean easily (Large cup mouth is also good, easy to clean, can also contain some fruit).