How to choose children's thermos flask?

- Jul 10, 2020-

How to choose children's thermos flask?

1. There is a double-layer glass bottle inside the children's thermos flask. Pumping the middle of the two layers into a vacuum state can effectively avoid heat convection and reduce heat exchange, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. Therefore, the first point to choose a children's thermos flask depends on the inner liner, whether the surface of the inner liner is bruised, whether the polishing is uniform, and whether the edge of the bottle mouth is smooth and smooth.

2. Look at the inner cover. The inner cover of a good children's thermos flask is usually made of food grade PP material, which has no smell, and the surface of plastic is bright and smooth. Otherwise, it would be ordinary plastic.

3. Screw the cover. If you can screw the cover smoothly, the quality is good. If you start to screw the lid on the uneven weight, or make a harsh sound, such a children's thermos flask will not be long, the lid will be broken, there will be air leakage and water leakage.

Adult Thermos flask, people who pay attention to the appearance of a product will first be attracted by its appearance. Without too much design, simplicity is more comfortable. It is said that the color of this thermos bottle is designed for men, which is suitable for business men who pursue fashion.

children's thermos flask. Specially designed for children's super cute thermos cup, adults want to grab it. Children's supplies to be strictly selected, Diller's good quality is beyond doubt. In addition, each thermos cup is equipped with a sleeve with shoulder strap, which is convenient for children to use when they go to school.