How to choose kids water bottles for children

- Oct 26, 2020-

Due to the young children's age, in order to let children drink water well, there are specially designed water bottles for children. These specially designed water bottles for children are generally called learning drinking bottles. There are straws and duck beaks. The materials are mainly enamel, glass, plastic and stainless steel. So how to choose a suitable bottle for your kids? First of all, of course, it depends on whether it is safe. The baby's body is very fragile. Any injury may make the baby seriously ill. Secondly, we should also look at the type of drinking mouth and choose the way suitable for the baby to let the baby grow and develop better.

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How to choose kids water bottle?

1. Material. The problem of material has been explained in the above point. Generally speaking, the plastic water bottle has various forms and is not easy to be damaged, but the plastic will produce chemical changes under the action of high temperature, thus producing toxic substances and endangering children's health; glass water bottle is relatively safe, easy to clean, but easy to break, and hot water can not only scald children, but also burst; stainless steel bottle material is relatively hard, and Heat preservation function, but there will be trace elements in the bottle, which may harm the health of children. Therefore, different materials of kids water bottles have their own advantages and disadvantages, parents can choose water bottles for their children according to their needs. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the water bottle to prevent accidents.

2. Can it be disinfected. Nowadays, most of the kids water bottles are made of PC non-toxic plastic materials, which can not only withstand relatively high water temperature, but also are not easy to be damaged. If you choose a bottle made of this material, you don't have to worry about the bottle being broken, and the children will be hurt. In addition, parents should pay more attention when buying water bottles to see whether the outer package of the water bottles is marked with machine wash and disinfection. If the bottle can be disinfected, then it can be ensured that the water bottle is clean and hygienic before the child uses it.

3. Duckbill or straw. Although each bottle of different brands has its own patent designed bottle, but to sum up, there are only two kinds of kids water bottles, namely duck beak type and straw type. It's just that there will be some changes in the details and appearance. If you make a careful distinction, there is also a difference between the two types of kids water bottles. If the mouth of the bottle is soft, it is likely to be made of silica gel, which is active and edible, and feels like a pacifier; if the bottle's mouth is hard, it is generally made of non-toxic plastic, which is closer to the overall feeling of the bottle. Parents can choose the water bottle that the kids prefers. Generally, the water bottle with a straw is used for the child first, and then the water bottle with duck beak is used for him later. In this way, there is a transition process, and the child can transition from sucking the pacifier to using the ordinary bottle.

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Precautions for using kids water bottle.

1. Don't pour hot water too hot. If the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius, it is very dangerous. Water may spray out from the drink mouth and scald the child.

2. The kids water bottle needs to be disinfected before being used for the first time. The kids water bottle that has not been used should be boiled in boiling water for three minutes before use, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization.

3. Don't put the kids water bottle in the sun. If the bottle is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the material may soften or even deform, and the plastic may produce harmful substances, endangering the health of children.

4. The kids water bottle needs to be cleaned immediately after use, and then used again. If you use the bottle to drink juice and other colored liquid, you need to carefully clean before use. These colored liquids will color the water bottle, so you need to clean it in warm water before use.

5. Don't heat the kids water bottle in the microwave oven. If the water bottle is full of water, it is very dangerous to heat it in the microwave oven.