How to choose outdoor sports water bottle?

- Mar 11, 2021-

Sports water bottle is a kind of water utensil for outdoor sports. Compared with other water bottles, the sports water bottle has the characteristics of strong and durable, safe and reliable, convenient and safe. There are many kinds of sports water bottles, such as ordinary, with filtering function, folding sports water bottle and so on. In addition to the selection of functions, the most important thing is to choose the material that can stand the test. The plastic material is not the first choice. It is recommended to use the outdoor sport bottle made of stainless steel.

1. Classification of sports water bottles.

By function.

1. Sports water purifying bottle with filtering function.

Portable water purification bottle is a new sports water bottle in recent two years. Its appearance is similar to that of traditional water bottle, but its internal filter element can quickly filter outdoor river water, stream water, tap water and other fresh water into direct drinking water, which is convenient for outdoor sports to obtain safe and safe drinking water anytime and anywhere.

2. Ordinary sports water bottle.

The traditional sports water bottle can only store the drinking water needed by sports.

3. Foldable sports water bottle.

Portable Foldable water bottle, the bottle body can be folded, does not ocbottley space.


Foldable water bottle

By application.

1. Sports water bottle refers to the water bottle used in some intense sports occasions, such as running, mountain climbing, etc., which is characterized by more emphasis on the quality of buckle and sealing function.

2. Outdoor water bottle refers to hiking, picnics, tourism and other occasions, characterized by a more portable, buckle multiple forms.

3. The student's water bottle is similar to the outdoor kettle, but because it is used by children, it is different from the professional kettle in design. The student's sports kettle pays more attention to the convenience of use and is easy to use, such as the use of rotary cover.


By material.

1. Plastic sports water bottle.

Advantages of plastic: light, slow heat conduction, hot water bottle body is not hot, wide bottle mouth, low price. The disadvantage is not wear-resistant, unqualified material will have harmful substances.

D40-blue Plastic sports water bottle

2. Stainless steel sports water bottle.

Advantages of stainless steel sports water bottle: strong, no harmful substances, heat resistant. The disadvantages are that the single-layer stainless steel sports water bottle has fast heat conduction and is not wear-resistant, the double-layer stainless steel sports water bottle has high requirements for processing accuracy, and the joints are easy to leak and breed bacteria.

8903-grey Stainless steel sports water bottle.

3. Aluminum sports bottle.

Advantages of aluminum sports water bottle: lightweight, fashionable appearance. Disadvantages: heat conduction is too fast, it is not convenient to pick up when loading hot or cold water. Aluminum products are too soft, easy to bump out pits, too much aluminum intake will cause harm to the human body.

4. Silicone sports bottle.

Advantages of silicone sports bottle: foldable, easy to carry, light, slow heat conduction, no hot water in hot water, wide bottle mouth, heat resistance, no harmful substances, drop resistance. Disadvantages: the material is too soft, when the amount of water is small, you need to drink with both hands.


2. What is the best material for sports water bottle?

Outdoor sports will inevitably have bumps, so lovers who like outdoor sports have many aspects to consider when choosing sports water bottles. Large capacity, portable leak proof is the most basic function. It's best to operate with one hand. Of course, the most important thing is to withstand bumps. Only solid materials can guarantee its service life, so the use of plastic materials is very important Water bottle is not the first choice, recommend the use of stainless steel outdoor sports water bottle!

3. Functional characteristics of sports water bottle.

1. Good leak proof effect.

Good leak proof means the bottle is strong and safe. It is difficult to avoid bumps due to the bad outdoor environment. If the kettle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if its opening is not closed tightly, it will not only lose its precious drinking water in the wild, but also wet its clothes and instruments.

2. Easy to carry.

There are many cases of outdoor use of water bottles, sometimes on bicycles, sometimes on rock walls, which requires the portability of water bottles. Some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather kettles, have irreplaceable advantages. Their volume and shape can be changed according to needs.

3. Designed for special use.

There are huge differences in outdoor environment, and there are many kinds of outdoor sports. In some cases, the general function can not meet the needs. In those cases where only one hand can be spared to drink water, the design of a bottle mouth that can be opened and closed with one hand or with teeth is particularly important. When there are a large number of people and there is a need for camping and picnics, a foldable water bottle can effectively meet the water needs of the camp. In harsh conditions such as high altitude or polar regions, an insulated kettle that keeps your water from freezing will make you worry less.