How to choose plastic water bottles of different materials

- Nov 11, 2020-

There are various kinds of plastic water bottles on the market, and their quality is also uneven. The common materials for making them are PC, PP, tritan, etc. There is a great controversy about PC plastic water bottle. It will produce bisphenol A at high temperature, which is harmful to human body. Tritan material is a new generation of copolyester, which is relatively safe. In our daily life, we can buy plastic water bottle by material, use, smell, production license mark and other methods.

DB003-white tritan plastic water bottle

1. PC plastic water bottle. There is a lot of controversy about PC plastic water bottle. Since bisphenol A was found in PC plastic water bottle, fewer and fewer people use this kind of plastic water bottle, and even many people give up using plastic water bottle. In fact, although bisphenol A is terrible, it can only be triggered under high temperature. If you don't use PC water bottle to hold hot water, you don't need to worry about bisphenol a problem.

2. PP plastic water bottle. PP is polypropylene with a melting point of 167 . It is the only plastic product that can be put into the microwave oven and can be reused after cleaning. PP plastic water bottle has good heat resistance and stable chemical properties. Besides being eroded by concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid, it is stable to other chemical reagents.

At present, bisphenol A is only found in PC material, but not in PP material. Of course, this is not to say how good the PP plastic water bottle is, because relevant organizations have detected that the PP plastic water bottle will release bisphenol s at high temperature, which is similar to bisphenol A, but as long as it is not used at high temperature, there will be no problem.

3. Tritan plastic water bottle. Among the plastic bottle materials, tritan material is safer. It is the specified material for infant products in Europe and America. It does not contain bisphenol A and bisphenol s, nor does it contain any bisphenol substances. It can be said that it is the safest plastic material at present.

Choose a plastic water bottle with no pungent smell, production license mark and complete manufacturer information.