How to choose the right drinking water bottle for infants?

- Nov 02, 2020-

How to choose the right drinking water bottle for infants?

Many 2-3-year-old babies are still drinking water from the baby bottle. Some of the children in kindergarten are still drinking milk and water with the baby bottle in their mouth. In fact, this is a wrong practice, which is not conducive to the growth of children. As long as we choose the right drinking water bottle for babies, babies will be able to grow healthily. Next, let's learn how to choose a baby bottle and what to pay attention to.

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1. Pacifier bottle. The nipple bottle is suitable for babies aged 0-6 months. The baby bottle is a necessary item for a newly born baby. Even if the baby is breast-feeding, the mother needs to prepare several baby bottles to feed the baby. Since children at this stage can't drink water by themselves and need the help of their mothers, they can choose the baby bottle without handle, but they have higher requirements on the touch of nipple.

2. Pacifier training water bottle. When a child is six months old, he can be trained to grasp and hold things with his hands. But at this stage, the child can only suck food, so parents can use the bottle type training bottle to train the accuracy of the water bottle to the mouth.

3. Duck beak training bottle. When a child is half a year old, he can drink from a bottle. If you want to make children no longer rely on the bottle and get used to drinking water with water bottles, you need to give them a duck beak training bottle. The mouth of the training bottle is designed like a duck's beak, which can let children drink more water at a time, which is good for children to use the bottle in the future.

5. Ordinary water bottle. Through the training of the previous several age stages, the one-and-a-half-year-old children have mastered the method of drinking water. At this time, they can use ordinary water bottles to drink water for children.


Precautions for purchasing baby bottle:

1. Can it be disinfected. Nowadays, almost all the water bottles are made of PP non-toxic plastic, which can resist high temperature and fall. However, not all water bottles can be sterilized. When purchasing, mothers must see whether the package indicates whether it can be machine washed or sterilized.

2. Duck beak and straw type. Baby bottle is nothing more than duck beak type and straw type, but the shape is slightly different. If you take a closer look, your parents will find that there are soft and hard differences between the duck beak and the straws. Soft mouth is generally made of active food grade silica gel, which is close to the feeling of pacifier. Hard mouth is non-toxic plastic, parents can choose according to the baby's preferences.

3. Is there a scale. All bottles have scales, but not all baby bottles have scales. It's not convenient to use baby bottles without scales to prepare formula milk powder. Parents can choose according to their actual needs.

4. Whether it can be heated by microwave. If it is not a water bottle that can be heated by microwave, microwave processing may lead to changes in the chemical composition of the water bottle, affecting the health of the baby.

5. Is there a handle. Some water bottles on the market have handles, and some baby bottles are made into shapes that are convenient for babies to hold, so they are no longer equipped with handles. Mothers can decide according to their baby's habits.