How to choose the thermos bottle?

- Oct 28, 2019-

The thermos bottle is a kind of common drinking water supplies in home, office and life. With the development of technology, a variety of novel thermos bottle styles have emerged.

What is thermos bottle and how is its principle? The predecessor of the thermos bottle is the insulated water bottle, and its heat preservation principle is the same. The inner structure of thermos bottle is not complicated. The middle part is a double-layer glass bottle, which is vacuumized between the two layers, while the vacuum state can avoid heat convection. And plated with silver or aluminum. The silvered glass can reflect the heat radiated from the inside of the container. Similarly, if the cold liquid is stored in the bottle, it can prevent the external thermal energy from radiating into the bottle. In this way, the temperature of the liquid in it, whether cold or hot, can be kept almost unchanged for a certain period of time. At present, the materials of the thermos bottle purchased on the market are mainly made of ceramics and stainless steel plus vacuum layer or filler to prevent heat transfer (the heat preservation performance is general), with a cover on the top and good sealing performance.

The silver liner in the thermos bottle can reflect the radiation of hot water, the vacuum insulation layer of the bottle liner and the bottle body can block the heat transfer, which can delay the heat dissipation of the liquid installed inside, but it is not easy to transfer the heat, and the sealed bottle body can prevent the heat convection, so that people can use it several hours later, and they will not feel the decrease of the hot water temperature.


A good thermos bottle should have the following qualities: elegant shape, bright and clean appearance, uniform pattern and color printing, clear edge, accurate color matching and firm adhesion; the inner liner of the thermos bottle is very flat, all of which are seamless sealed with stainless steel materials, refined with advanced vacuum pumping technology; the sealing cover is made of "PP" plastic material, no gap between the bottle cover and the bottle body after tightening, with good sealing performance.


Many people think that the heat preservation effect will be better if the thermos bottle is filled with water, in fact, it is not. When the water storage capacity of the thermos bottle reaches 90%, the temperature change rate is the slowest, so it is better not to fill the thermos bottle too full.