How to Clean the Water Bottle in an All-round Way

- Aug 06, 2019-

Different people have different priorities in cleaning water bottles. 68% of the people focused on cleaning the water bottle along the mouth, 24.1% focused on cleaning the inner wall of the water bottle, 5.6% mainly cleaned the bottom of the water bottle, and 2.3% focused on cleaning the outer wall of the water bottle. There are also different ways to clean water bottles. 52.8% were washed simply with water, 23.0% were washed carefully, and 24.2% were washed with detergent or other cleaning methods. Experts recommend that the water bottle should be cleaned immediately after each use. If it is too troublesome, it should be cleaned at least once a day. It can be washed before going to bed at night and then dried.

When cleaning water bottles, not only the mouth of the water bottle, but also the bottom and wall of the water bottle should not be neglected. Especially the bottom of the water bottle, which is not often cleaned, may deposit a lot of bacteria and dirt. In particular, female friends are reminded that lipstick not only contains chemical components, but also easily adsorbs harmful substances and pathogens in the air. When drinking water, harmful substances will be brought into the body. Therefore, lipstick residues in the mouth of the water bottle must be cleaned. It's not enough to wash the water bottle simply with water. It's better to use a brush.

Eggshell has clean function. As long as the eggshell is crushed, put into the dirty water bottle to be cleaned, and then drip a few drops of vinegar, shake slowly, and then brush, you can clean the parts that are not easy to clean at ordinary times. Because of the number of times tea water bottles are brewed, it is easy to accumulate a thick layer of tea dirt on the wall of the water bottle. Sometimes this kind of tea dirt is not easy to clean. If you have a water bottle with a thick accumulation of tea dirt at home, you might as well scrub the water bottle with broken eggshells, you will find that the dirt on the water bottle surface can be easily cleaned out!

In addition to tea scales, eggshells can also effectively remove scales. Hot water bottles with hot water are prone to scale when used for a long time, while hot water bottles with narrow mouth are not easy to remove the scale at the bottom. You might as well put some broken eggshells in the water bottle, add some water and proper detergent, shake the bottle up and down with the thickness of the cap, and finally rinse it several times with clean water, so as to effectively remove the scales in the water bottle.