How to distinguish the material of kids water bottles

- Apr 21, 2020-

On the market, plastic kids water bottles are the most common. Because plastic kids water bottles can be made into various shapes, with the characteristics of light weight, falling resistance, colorful appearance and printable, many parents customize children's plastic water bottles for their children. However, the price of plastic kids water bottle varies greatly in the market. For the sake of children's health, parents should learn how to identify the material of plastic kids water bottle.

The purchase of kids water bottle depends on the product information of the water bottle, including the manufacturer, production date, executive standard, etc. it is better to choose a safe and reliable well-known brand.

In addition, choose food grade plastic kids water bottle with small smell, smooth surface and no burr, and try to scratch the logo on the kids water bottle to see if it is easy to fall.

Among all materials, plastic kids water bottle is the most common and widely used one. However, parents can also choose to customize healthy and non-toxic glass kids water bottles, which are not easy to hide dirt, easy to clean and disinfect, and do not worry about harmful chemicals even under high temperature. However, it is still necessary to avoid filling overheated water and telling children to use it carefully, so as to prevent the water bottle from breaking and hurting children. For the sake of safety, you can also buy a glass kids water bottle with an anti scalding cover.

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