How to distinguish the quality of the vacuum insulated water bottle?

- Apr 08, 2019-

How to distinguish the quality of the vacuum insulated water bottle?

Drink hot water with a good water bottle. Some vacuum insulated water bottles in the market are made of industrial grade stainless steel. Consumers can not distinguish from the appearance. It is suggested that we buy high quality vacuum insulated water bottles in large supermarkets and stores. This kind of vacuum insulated water bottles adopt 304 food grade stainless steel technology, and the quality of plastic parts is reliable.


In addition, the vacuum insulated water bottle should be washed regularly. When cleaning the vacuum insulated water bottle, not only the mouth of the bottle, but also the bottom and wall of the bottle should not be neglected. Especially the bottom of the bottle, which is not often cleaned, may deposit a lot of bacteria and dirt. But it is not enough to wash the insulated water bottle simply with water. It is better to use a brush. In addition, since the main ingredient of detergent is chemical synthesizer, it is better not to use it. If you want to clean a cup with a lot of dirt or tea dirt, you can squeeze toothpaste on the brush. The toothpaste contains both detergent and very fine friction agent. It is easy to erase the residual material without damaging the bottle body.

Simple identification method for stainless steel material: stainless steel material specifications are many, mainly 304 stainless steel as the standard, of which 18/8 indicates that the stainless steel material composition contains 18% chromium, 8% nickel, materials meeting this standard, in line with the national food-grade standards are green environmental protection products, products rust-proof, corrosion-resistant. The color of ordinary stainless steel bottle body is white and dark. If it is soaked in 1% salt water for 24 hours, rust spots will appear. Some elements in it exceed the standard, which directly endangers human health drinking water.

So here I remind you that we must not use inferior insulated water bottles, not only endanger their health, but also may cause danger to their families, choose a healthy insulated water bottle, so that disease away from us.