How to distinguish the safe thermos insulated water bottle

- Mar 25, 2020-

With the development of technology, the style design of stainless steel thermos insulated water bottle has been innovated, which is no longer the traditional style line. There have been many types of thermos insulated water bottle styles on the market, including those for children, office, travel and sports. There are many kinds of thermos insulated water bottle, and the quality is different with the hot sale of thermos insulated water bottle. Next, I will analyze the three standards that a safe and qualified thermos insulated water bottle must meet to help consumers choose the right thermos insulated water bottle.

1. Material standard: from the material point of view, a high-quality thermos insulated water bottle must be made of food grade 304 stainless steel and brand-new PP materials that are internationally recognized, strong and strong, corrosion-resistant and durable, and will not cause harm to the body.

2. Heat preservation standard: the stainless steel thermos insulated water bottle is different from the plastic water bottle. The cup body adopts the double-layer vacuum design, and the interior adopts the vacuum heat insulation treatment, which greatly reduces the heat transfer loss and effectively improves the effectiveness of heat preservation and cold preservation. A thermos insulated water bottle with poor heat preservation and anti scalding function can not meet the requirements of safety production.

3. Process standard: from the perspective of the paint baking process of the water bottle, the appearance shall be high-grade environmental protection paint, non-toxic and odorless. The sports water bottle is durable, safe and reliable, and has different patterns for consumers to choose. In addition to rich paint colors, it is also necessary to ensure that it will not fade in the process of use.

The above are the three standards that I have summed up to distinguish the safety of the thermos insulated water bottle. Only when each process is completed in strict accordance with the requirements, can the high-quality thermos insulated water bottle be produced.