How to drink water is more scientific in outdoor sports

- May 09, 2019-

When you are doing outdoor activities, your body will sweat a lot and feel very thirsty. Then you will naturally replenish the lost water. Do you know how to replenish the water correctly?


1. We use a simple calculation method to estimate roughly the amount of water a person (adult) should consume in a day: adults should supplement 35-40 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight, that is, 35-40 grams. For example, a person weighing 60 kilograms needs to supplement 2, 2 to 2, 4 kilograms of water a day, which includes the amount of water we get from our daily food.


2. The temperature of drinking water is also exquisite. Medical experts suggest that it is better to drink more warm water, which is quite suitable for room temperature. The water temperature should be between 18 and 45 degrees Celsius. Even in winter, you should not drink more than 50 degrees Celsius water or beverage. The best water temperature should be close to body temperature, which is not only conducive to absorption, but also can quench thirst faster.


3. Don't take thirst feeling as the basis of water supplement. People feel thirsty after sweating a lot. It's not only the lack of water in the body, but also the feeling caused by the small and thick saliva, sticky mouth and dry throat. At this time, they should first rinse with water, moisten the mouth and throat, and then drink a small amount of water several times to make the water supply balanced. Don't wait for thirst to replenish, because the lack of water when thirsty has caused damage to the body.


4. It is very necessary to replenish water in outdoor activities, but don't drink too much when replenishing water, because a large amount of one-time drinking water is very bad for the body, because a large amount of water enters the body in a short time, which will make blood dilution and blood volume suddenly increase, which will increase the burden of the heart.


5. The correct way to drink water is to keep the balance of body water in time without increasing the burden on the heart and stomach. The specific method is to take a sip each time, first moisten the whole mouth, and then slowly swallow the water in the mouth three times. Such a method should develop habits, so that the body can not only replenish water in time to alleviate thirst in the mouth and throat, but also make the body do not immediately sweat a lot.


6. It's a good thing to replenish water and drink more water in time, but experts also remind you that excessive drinking water can lead to "water intoxication", which can lead to "dehydration and hyponatremia", especially when a lot of sweating and water replenishment are more likely to lead to "water intoxication". Some people who are very thirsty in summer outdoor activities will come to drink heavily and feel very thirsty and especially refreshing. You may not know that this is a very wrong way to drink water.

Because the human body sweats a lot, while losing water, it also loses a lot of salt. If at this time a large amount of white boiled water is drunk without adding salt, water is absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and then discharged out of the human body through sweating. With the sweating body losing some salt, this result will gradually reduce the salt in the blood, water absorption capacity will be reduced, and some water will be discharged. Fen will be absorbed into the tissue cells very quickly, causing cell edema, causing water poisoning, the specific symptoms are dizziness, dizziness, thirst, dizziness, serious will suddenly faint.


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