How to identify the real and the fake insulated water bottle

- Oct 16, 2019-

Winter is coming, everyone wants to drink warm water in the cold winter, so everyone will prepare a insulated water bottle. However, there is a huge price difference between the insulated water bottles in the market. Some are very cheap and some are very expensive. As consumers, it is really difficult to choose the insulated water bottle.


I believe that many people have encountered the situation that the insulation effect of the insulated water bottle is poor. It is the same with the insulated water bottle. Why is the price difference so big? They are all stainless steel insulated water bottles. Why do some insulated water bottles have such poor insulation effect?


Some consumers think that the heavier the insulated water bottle, the thicker the steel, and the better the heat preservation effect. But in fact, it is not the case. Is the weight of the insulated water bottle in hand the weight of its own steel? Or are there added materials? Is it normal for consumers to find that there is abnormal sound when shaking the insulated water bottle when purchasing the insulated water bottle?


Let's see how to identify the insulated water bottle.

Method 1: pour hot water into the insulated water bottle and feel the temperature on the insulated water bottle surface by hand. If it is a real insulated water bottle, the surface temperature will not change, but if it is a fake insulated water bottle, there is no vacuum treatment inside the bottle. As time goes on, the surface of the insulated water bottle will heat up. This situation is because the heat is released through the thermal conductivity of the metal and does not play the role of heat preservation. Only a double-layer vacuum insulated water bottle can prevent heat emission.

Method 2: look at the seam and interface of the bottle mouth. There is no weld, integrated insulated water bottle, its insulation effect is better. If it is found that there are welds on the bottle mouth, the insulation effect of these insulated water bottles will be greatly reduced.


In general, the selection of insulated water bottles is as follows:

1. Look: look at the appearance of the insulated water bottle, including the manufacturing process and connection interface of the insulated water bottle. Formal certificates are very important.

2. Shake: in order to avoid buying poor insulated water bottle with sediment in the bottle, shake the insulated water bottle when you buy it. If you hear the sound of sediment in the insulated water bottle, don't buy it.

3. Pinch: the surface of the good stainless steel insulated water bottle is thick and not easy to deform. If you pinch the bottle surface when you buy it, it is found that it is soft and easy to sink, and the quality of these insulated water bottles is not qualified.