How to judge the quality of thermo flask bottle

- Aug 12, 2020-

In the cold winter and hot summer, the role of stainless steel thermo flask bottle can not be ignored. There are many types of thermo flask bottle on the market, and the product quality is uneven. Let me teach you how to look at the quality and brand of stainless steel thermo flask bottle.


1. The superior quality stainless steel thermo flask bottle generally uses food grade 304 stainless steel (also known as 18-8 stainless steel) inside and outside the container. At least 304 stainless steel is used for the inner tank of the thermo flask bottle to ensure the corrosion resistance of the thermo flask bottle. The amount of heavy metals in 201 stainless steel is many times higher than that in 304 stainless steel. The heavy metal and lead content of this kind of cup exceeds the standard seriously, which is very harmful to human body. In order to protect the health of consumers, EU countries have stopped the import of 201 and 202 stainless steel food contact products. The main reason is that the lead content exceeds the standard and the heavy metal content exceeds the standard.

2. The inner cover of the thermo flask bottle. The inner cover of the thermo flask bottle is generally made of plastic, among which the best materials are ABS and pp. the brightness of ABS material is relatively good, smooth and smooth, without peculiar smell, it will not deform in case of high temperature, and can effectively prevent water leakage for a long time. The inner cover of a good thermo flask bottle is smooth, generally there is no mold point or a deep groove, and it can be cleaned very clean with cloth and water.

The appearance of fashion and personality is naturally the main factor to attract consumers to buy. In addition, the technology of the thermo flask bottle and the workmanship of the details are also very important. Whether a thermo flask bottle is good or not depends on whether the interface is fine or not, and whether the edge of the cup mouth is smooth and smooth. The workmanship of a stainless steel thermo flask bottle directly represents the attention of the manufacturer to product quality. The lid of the thermos bottle should not be ignored.

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