How to judge whether the glass water bottle you buy is borosilicate glass

- Jan 29, 2021-

How to judge whether the glass water bottle you buy is borosilicate glass?

Water bottle types can be simply divided into two kinds, one is the common daily water bottle, the other is portable water bottle. Common glass water bottle is common glass (soda lime glass), tempered glass, high borosilicate heat-resistant glass. Borosilicate heat-resistant glass can withstand instantaneous temperature difference of about 150, can hold hot and cold liquids, the main process is manual blowing and semi-automatic assembly line, there are special cases of pressing. Ordinary glass water bottle can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference of 75, it is recommended to drink cold drinks, plain boiled water, etc., mainly the pressing process and iron pipe blowing process. Toughened glass water bottle is not recommended to hold liquid.

 MLH455456-detail02 High borosilicate glass

The daily use of water bottle is mainly manual blowing, the raw material is mainly high borosilicate glass tube, high temperature soft, and then placed in the mold rotary blowing or fixed blowing. Blown products are generally thin. The thickness of ordinary high borosilicate glass tea set or coffee drinking set is about 1.2-1.8 mm by hand blowing, and that of large kettle is about 1.8-2.2 mm. Occasionally, there are straight body water bottles or pots that are very thick, that's because they are not blown, so the thickness can reach 2-4mm.

 Glass water bottle processing

1. Double wall glass water bottle. Double layer glass water bottles are generally made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

2. Glass cup with handle, this kind of glass cup is light and thin, and its thickness is less than 2mm. Generally, it is a high borosilicate glass cup. If it's heavy, it depends on whether the handle has mold marks. If there are, it's not high borosilicate glass; if not, it's high borosilicate glass. Moreover, the high borosilicate heat-resistant glass water bottle is artificially burned and melted to stick the handle on. If you look carefully at the connection between the handle and the cup body, you will surely see the difference, asymmetry and imperfection.

Handle of glass water bottle

It should be noted that the crystal glass water cup with handle is also hand-made, so the handle has no mold mark. However, generally, the cup body is very thick and feels heavy.

Crystal glass with handle

3. Generally, if the bottom of a straight body glass water bottle is very thick, it will not be a high borosilicate glass. Because of the problem of high borosilicate glass technology, if the bottom of the glass water bottle is thickened to 2 cm, the price is very expensive, and the thickness will be inconsistent and not beautiful.

2 Portable glass water bottle series.

1. Double wall glass portable glass water bottle, absolutely heat-resistant glass material. Some of the bottoms are also very thick, as shown in the figure below:

This water bottle is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, but the bottom of the bottle is extra bonded crystal bottom. It looks good and has no problem in use, but it may fall off after a long time.

The bottom of a double-layer high borosilicate glass water bottle