How to prevent the glass water bottle from bursting when the weather is cold?

- Dec 16, 2019-

How to prevent the glass water bottle from bursting when the weather is cold?

With the weather getting cold, we should also wear more clothes. Drink water instead of cold water. We are no longer young. The hardships of life give us too much psychological pressure, so we should cherish our bodies. As the saying goes, the body is the capital of revolution. Don't let your body and mind collapse. When we are thirsty in autumn, it is better to have a cup of warm boiled water. We need a natural and harmless glass water bottle to ensure the quality of our water.


Understanding characteristics.

The fragility of glass water bottle makes many people look timid. I believe most people have seen such a scene: at a certain time when the weather is colder, we pour boiling water into the glass water bottle. After a few seconds, the glass water bottle suddenly bursts open and the boiling water flows all over the table.


Burst principle.

Many people are thinking about why the glass water bottle will crack. According to the principle of Physics: heat expansion and cold contraction, it completely explains this phenomenon. The water bottle wall is too thick, the temperature of boiling water is too high to transfer to the cold outer wall in time, and the inner part begins to heat and expand, causing the glass water bottle to crack.


How to prevent the glass water bottle from bursting.

First: you don't need to choose a glass water bottle that is too thick, as long as you choose one that is of good quality and thinner, because if the wall of the glass water bottle is thin, the water temperature can be quickly transferred from the inside to the outside of the glass water bottle, so it won't crack. Second: when the weather is cold, wash the glass water bottle with a small amount of hot water before using it, shake it for a few seconds, and then pour some hot water into it, so it will not crack.