How to remove odor in kids thermos

- Mar 17, 2021-

In order for the kids to learn to drink water, mothers should gradually change the drinking utensils. From the baby bottle to the duckbill cup to the straw water bottle, step by step, the baby can learn to drink water just like adults. But we will often find that the newly bought kids thermos will have a smell, how to remove it? Generally speaking, the new water bottle will have a little smell, but if the smell is too strong, it is recommended to buy a better water bottle, do not harm the baby's health. Slight smell can be removed by tea water, dropping vinegar or soaking in hot water.


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How to remove odor safely in kids thermos?

Most of the new water bottles have some peculiar smell. Plastic water bottles have the smell of plastic, paper cups have the smell of log, and stainless steel water bottles have the smell of metal, which has brought trouble to many people.

The component materials of the kids thermos are generally divided into food grade plastic, PP, stainless steel, etc. These kids thermos materials are odorous, but some manufacturers will deal with the peculiar smell of the thermos, so as to reduce or completely eliminate the peculiar smell. If the kids thermos we buy has peculiar smell, we might as well remove it by the following methods.

1) When using the kids thermos for the first time, in order to ensure the cleanliness, 1-2 drops of vinegar can be diluted in warm water, then poured into the bottle, placed in the open state for 30 minutes, and then cleaned with a soft rag.

2) The bottle cover is separated from the bottle body, open, and placed in a ventilated position for 1-2 days, which can basically remove the odor. You'd better wash the newly bought kids thermos with detergent first.

3) After cleaning the kids thermos with detergent, pour in hot water and cover it until the water temperature cools, then pour out the water, and then place it for a period of time, which can basically eliminate the peculiar smell.


In addition, there are two more professional practices:

1) After bending the head of thin iron wire, hook out the silicone ring, carefully clean and wipe it with medical alcohol, and expose it to the sun for more than two hours to reduce the smell of silicone.

2) You can also fill the kids thermos with hot water, seal it tightly, and place it for 5-6 hours, then dilute it with wine and water, shake it vigorously, and clean it everywhere, which can also reduce the smell of silicone.